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Find your flow

"If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading" - Lao Tzu

Making changes...(can be painful)

CognitvExplorer also offers one to one coaching sessions online to help manage change and identify the route to fulfilment!  

Coaching is a conversational process that can facilitate change at a personal level.

People draw on coaching to help take the necessary steps sometimes needed to overcome obstacles to happiness, fulfilment and success.

Much as we might go to a personal trainer or fitness coach to learn how to get in shape physically, so can a coach guide you to better mental fitness   which provides the

drive to pursue life goals more effectively.

Things coaching can help with:

  • coping with stress and cognitive overload (too many demands on time / figuring out priorities)

  • setting and progressing towards goals in life or work

  • becoming more inspired to live an aspirational life

  • achieving more balance in life between things we want to do and wider commitments

  • making decisions and taking steps to change life direction

  • find more energy and follow passions

It's all about navigating Terra Incognita  (the uncertainty and unknown) by  drawing up a map and figuring out which is the best way to go!

CognitvExplorer believes in encouraging flow - that state in which we are fully absorbed in what we want and need to do, firing on all cylinders, motivated and empowered. 

In this state that we can all access by balancing our abilities against the demands and challenges we are up against.

Flow is a high energy state where that energy is channelled effectively from the source and can stimulate productivity and growth.  Yet blockage can occur in channels that

disrupt the flow.  We can think of ourselves as being able to tap into that energy source, but sometimes encountering those blockers.  Our job can be simplified to being

tasked to find the sources of blockage, and clear them to keep the energy flowing.  

instead of us being responsible for the whole system, as if that energy is coming from within us, it's helpful to think in terms of us being fortunate enough to be able to access

the wider source, and to be responsible for keeping the channels open.  That way it becomes more manageable to become skilled at locating the blockers and addressing those.

You may feel like you have no spare time, you are spinning too many plates, but you need to clear up some headspace, or address your own mental wellbeing. You'll not be able to function effectively keeping those plates spinning if you don't help your wellbeing!  

Coaching can help free up some headspace by mapping out where energy is directed, and importantly where it is being blocked, giving you the tools and control to look at the

smaller blockers as well as the more fundamental ones.  Ultimately the coach is there to help you come to your own self-realisation about how you can make the changes necessary.

Self-realisation is a hugely powerful tool that can transform the way you live your life, for the better!

Online coaching sessions are 1 hr at a cost of £80 per session.  Pre-consultation check-in free to get a sense what it is you want to work on.

Package sessions available over a course of 4 weeks or more.

Also see Wild Coaching for opportunity to take the coaching outside in the natural environment, where a perspective change comes naturally!

CognitvExplorer has public liability insurance, but it is recommended that you take out your own personal accident insurance and/or including booking cancellation insurance to cover any eventualities. Booking Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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