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Wild Minds Retreats

Challenge yourself

Are you willing to take a Leap of Faith?

CognitvExplorer is hosting Wild Minds retreats in conjunction with other mental performance experts.

Wild Minds does what it says on the tin. We take your brain and release it into the wild!

Nature exposure and adventure pursuits can stimulate the stress response in a positive way (there is such a thing as good stress believe it or not!)

With our cutting edge approach (backed by neuroscience and adventure practice) we tap into our mind and body's reserves to enhance performance and wellbeing:

  • learn what it means to take executive control over your emotional responses and decision making processes

  • embrace mindfulness and breathing techniques to overcome negative impact of stress

  • develop a mindset that is more adventurous and aspirational - to set and achieve more ambitious goals

  • engage with exciting challenges and bond as a group

The Process


Wild Minds retreats take place in Snowdonia National Park, based in Llanberis at the foot of Yr Wyddfa Snowdon herself).

Where better to recharge your battery and put it to the test in stimulating activities.

The itinerary is a mix of:


  • engaging talks on ways to optimise mental performance and balance work and play

  • a heights challenge course

  • a cold water immersion session

  • a mountain journey into spectacular surroundings

Leap of Faith challenge

andes swim.jpg


We get straight into the challenge mindset. Following an introductory talk about the stress response and how we might get a better handle on this in everyday life (relating it to our own work and lives), we head to a high ropes course to participate in individual and group challenges at height.

The high point (!) is the Leap of Faith itself - summoning the courage to jump from a 13m telegraph pole (like the one shown above but higher..).

The whole course takes place over three levels and participants will be coached at key points along it on different ways to optimise mindset, including controlling stress and empowering cognition to sharpen focus.  Team building is a key facet in this.

Following lunch and a further talk about the benefits (and techniques to get into the right mindset) of cold water immersion, we will take steps into the water to experience for ourselves how to activate resilience of mind.

In the evening, there are further talks and group activities, as well as hearty food and relaxation, reflecting on the day's challenges and what we have learnt that we can take back into our lives.


After breakfast we head out on a journey into the mountains.

We will draw on lessons and insights from Day 1 along the route, progressively cultivating the Adventure Mindset, with occasional pauses for reflection and mindfulness, as well as looking t ways to challenge our preconceptions and strengthen resolve.

There will be some height exposure, but with stringent safety measures in place. The emphasis is on exploring where your comfort zone lies and how you may find ways to stretch that.


In the evening we rest and recuperate over a hearty feast and think about how we can take all the learnings from the two days  to help us set aspirational goals moving forward.  

The retreat involves 2 days / 3 nights* (arriving day minus 1) shared accommodation that is no frills but homely, and meals are provided.   An extra supplement is required to have a private room.

Prices from £500 pp* including accommodation, breakfast and dinner [packed lunch?], high ropes course, and other wild activities instruction. Minimum group size = 4, maximum = 8

*variable length packages are available according to group requirements (eg. 2 day/2 nights; 3 day/3 nights) - longer retreats may incur supplemental charge

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