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How are you feeling?

Add up your scores and see how adventure experiences can help improve your mental wellbeing.

All the questions are positively weighted apart from Q4 ("In general how much negative thinking do you engage in day to day?") which is negatively weighted - you need to convert this to a positive score before including in the total - do this by subtracting that score from 10 (so if you scored '2' this means 10 - 2= '8').  Then add all your scores (using this converted number for Q4 only) together for a total out of 90. Simply divide this number by 9 to get your average score and compare this against the weather table below (eg. total 72 / 9=8 - you're in a fairly sunny place!)

You can also look at each individual question's score and see areas where you are at your best or maybe needing to 'perk up' (but remember to convert the negative weighted Q4 to a positive score as above!).!

For more in-depth scrutiny and guidance on how to improve different areas of your wellbeing and mental focus CognitvExplorer can help in these areas to move your 'weather' to a more sunny disposition all around!

All data are collected anonymously and strictly adhere to GDPR guidelines - please see Privacy notice

How's your weather?


Stormy / rainy disposition.


It's time to re-appraise your life goals. Some guidance and and self-care could help boost mood and purpose.


Dark clouds brooding.

Effort is needed to clarify your goals and avoid tipping your mood into stormy territory.  Mindfulness and positive focus is key​


Calm weather, brightening.


Keep focusing on your goals and appreciate the positives in life to push away the clouds and find some sunshine​

sunny spells

Sunny spells.


Progress is being made, keep forging forward! Don't let momentum slip​.


Great weather!


It's time to be ambitious, build on what you already have, spread the joy, seize opportunities and invest in the future!​

If you want to understand more how we use tools such as this get in touch  to talk about how to work towards achieving your aspirations and building your own mental fitness!  You can use the tool over consecutive days or weeks to chart progress and address areas that need a boost.  We can send you a chart and recommendations on how to move forward!

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