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Wild Coaching - Adventure Mindset 

"Not all those who wander are lost" - J.R.R. Tolkien

"I swapped my handbag for a rucksack and headed out with Dave to the Great Langdale for a full day of walking. My job was to get my head around the nebulous concept of invisible Contours, so learning on-the-go.  Being with an experienced and capable adventurer like Dave gives a feeling of safety and therefore leaves room to enjoy the day as he is a good companion too."       D. from Manchester

Wild thinking is about setting your mind free! We fail to achieve our potential because we (unconsciously) limit our thoughts... 

Those big plans, ideas, dreams we aspire to are stifled by the narrowed focus on why we can't make these come to fruition. Other priorities, stress, not motivated.  I was told as a child "there's no such word as 'can't'".  Yet this word slips effortlessly into the vocabularly, precisely at the moment when 'I CAN' should be tumbling from one's lips.

Wild Coaching takes us out into the ideal environment to set thoughts free, like a hot air balloon expanding and floating up into the big blue sky.  The Great Outdoors is so much bigger than any of us, and because of that, it overwhelms restrictive thinking.  It provokes AWE, which is a powerful and infrequently experienced emotion that can transform thinking.

The CognitvExplorer approach draws on this to provide a coaching experience in which we will go on a transformational journey in the hills, mountains, coastlines, to the cliff edge.  

This is the ideal place to develop and adopt a CHALLENGE MINDSET, a highly motivating mentality provoked by being in a wild setting, facing that cliff edge (metaphorically and literally).  We learn how to overcome the stress response that makes us shy away from achieving our potential, identify the 'channel blockers' that are stopping the freeflow of ideas and drive, and find that extra level of energy and motivation to take back control!


As an Adventure Psychologist I have a wealth of experience applying techniques and understanding about how the brain works in ‘wild’ environments. I also am a qualified Mountain Leader (Summer award) well versed in the skills needed to safely guide parties in mountain terrain in the UK. I use this knowledge and practical background to introduce people to wild settings, and challenge their preconceptions about what they do and how they think. 

At CognitvExplorer we take people into wild nature to explore, engage with the surroundings, and most importantly, expand their own mental horizons.   Stress provokes a 'fight or flight' response.  But with coaching guidance and immersion in the wild we can turn this into an 'excite and delight' response, stimulated by the challenges presented in the outdoors.

What you can expect:

- one-to-one and small group adventure days in UK wilderness settings blending coaching (identifying blockers to forward momentum in life) with exploration of the wild

- emphasis on confronting some challenges (this can include summitting  peak, wandering off the beaten track, immersing in cold water, or peering/abseiling over an edge)

- support and cameraderie to develop an 'adventure mindset' that gives you tools to take away and build on in life!

What you can't expect:

- a walk in the park! (we need to put in some effort to achieve transformation - so will involve some physical and mental work as we go across occasionally rough terrain)

- glorious weather (this is the UK, nature, the wild!) - a bit of unpredictability and discomfort is part of the challenge, and what makes the journey memorable!

Here is an example of a journey and the process we adopt along the route:

A framework for success
  • Learn how to adopt a challenge mindset and manage the stress response

  • Face a specific challenge in the wild to prove you can do this!

  • Identify blockers to progress that are stopping you achieve what you want in life

  • Refresh and broaden perspective

  • Reframe ruminating thoughts

  • Shift attention from inside the head to the outside world
  • Re-energise the physiological system, breathing in the fresh air

  • Have fun and engage with the world with a childlike enthusiasm!


These are some of the things that Adventure Psychology can provide on an accompanied adventure in the Great Outdoors for those interested to find out more, and more importantly experience for themselves!!

The process: get in touch! We discuss your needs and plan a day out. Meet up in a convenient and inspiring outdoor location. Get out into the wild. Walk and talk to initiate the journey towards our goal. Go off the beaten track. Have fun. Along the way learn about different concepts that can re-focus on goals and aspirations. Face the challenge that shows you can overcome blockage to progress...Integrate learnings for use in everyday life using an adventure mindset. Get home. Relax. Wake up refreshed and purposeful!

Half day Wild Coaching and Adventure (Challenge) Mindset experience - £150

Full day Wild Coaching and Adventure (Challenge) Mindset experience - £250


(prices based on 1:4 people in Cheshire/North Wales - for further afield please enquire)

(larger groups can be accommodated at additional £50 per person)

Example locations:


  • Cheshire (where we are based)

  • Peak District

  • North Wales borders - Llangollen; Clwydian Hills

  • North Wales coast - Llandudno, Great Orme

  • Snowdonia, Anglesey, Llyn Peninsula

  • Lake District

  • Scottish Highlands


As an example, a full day out in Cheshire/North Wales would involve meeting at the destination and spending around 5-7 hours  in a journey through the wild with coaching elements explored throughout and focus on a challenge later in the day (Scotland and further afield - get in touch to discuss requirements).

CognitvExplorer has public liability insurance, but it is recommended that you take out your own personal accident insurance and/or including booking cancellation insurance to cover any eventualities. Booking Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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