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Wild landscapes


"Not all those who wander are lost" - J.R.R. Tolkien

The CognitvExplorer approach is something we use to help people overcome the stresses of everyday life by #Thinking Wild. 

This involves training Mental Fitness .  Think of it like going to the gym and using the services of a personal trainer.  The trainer will take you through various exerises, motivating and encouraging you to get the most out of the gym (and yourself!).

Likewise, we can do the same for the psychological attributes we all possess but may need a little discipline, effort and inspiration to burn off that mental fat...

Using Adventure Psychology as the basis for this, combined with Mountain Leadership principles the 'wild' is our gym. 

We head out into the wild and use this to facilitate and inspire us to engage in the fitness programme that will equip you with some exercises and tools to take back and commit to.  Much like the relationship between a fitness coach and the 'athlete' (you!), the session will not solve your fitness dilemmas, but it will put you on track to build the better version of you over time.  

The framework that CognitvExplorer uses encompasses a wealth of experience applying techniques and understanding about how the brain works in ‘wild’ environments. Also, as a qualified Mountain Leader (Summer award) well versed in the skills needed to safely guide parties in mountain terrain in the UK, this knowledge and practical background is used to introduce people to wild settings, and challenge their preconceptions about what they do and how they think. 

Elements of Performance Coaching Psychology are also woven into this process, but supplemented by the latest insights from neuroscience and Cognitive Fitness research.

The purpose is to explore wild nature, engage with the surroundings, and most importantly, expand your mental horizons. 

Our process involves first understanding who you are, what drives you, and what is holding you back. We meet up in inspiring natural setting, discuss our objectives for the day – the physical journey we will embark upon, and the mental journey that will last beyond the day! 

Along the way, we connect with nature, we talk, we discuss concepts and ideas and adopt an #Adventure Mindset that will help us embrace challenge, find stimulation in the wilderness environment that can last into our everyday lives, setting goals and following aspirations! 

We do this one-on-one, or in small groups of like-minded individuals, where the shared connection can multiply the positive effects! 

Here is an example of a journey and the process we adopt along the route:

Mapping success
  • Refresh and broaden perspective

  • Reframe ruminating thoughts

  • Shift attention from inside the head to the outside world

  • Re-energise the physiological system, breathing in the fresh air

  • Have fun and engage with the world with a childlike enthusiasm!


These are some of the things that Adventure Psychology can provide on an accompanied adventure in the Great Outdoors for those interested to find out more, and more importantly experience for themselves!!

The process: get in touch! We discuss your needs and plan a day out. Meet up in a convenient and inspiring outdoor location. Get out into the wild. Walk and talk. Go off the beaten track. Have fun. Discuss and practice different concepts that can help re-focus on goals and aspirations. Capture moments experienced in photography, along with insights that naturally arise in this environment for further integration in life. Get home. Relax. Wake up refreshed and purposeful!

One day experience - as a rough guide *from £120 1:1. £180 2:1, £260 4:1 (depends on location see below)

Example locations:


  • Cheshire (where we are based)

  • Peak District

  • North Wales borders - Llangollen; Clwydian Hills

  • North Wales coast - Llandudno, Great Orme

  • Snowdonia, Anglesey, Llyn Peninsula

  • Lake District

  • Scottish Highlands


As an example of pricing, a local day out in Cheshire/North Wales for one person would involve meeting at the destination and spending around 5-7 hours walking and talking (1:1) with additional pricing varying according to the size of the group. (Scotland and further afield - get in touch to discuss requirements).

If the preferred destination is further afield from our Cheshire base there may be some variation to accommodate increased travel costs and logistical planning. Get in touch to discuss further what your requirements are and we can easily come to some arrangement!


CognitvExplorer has public liability insurance, but it is recommended that you take out your own personal accident insurance and/or including booking cancellation insurance to cover any eventualities. Booking Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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