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Optimal Performance

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T.S. Eliot

Becoming more adventurous in thought, attitude and action can lead to a fulfilled life, greater resilience and a capacity to thrive under pressure.

With an Adventure Mindset you can embrace CHALLENGE and pursue meaningful goals.

CognitvExplorer can help you build MENTAL FITNESS through motivational coaching that draws on leading edge psychology and neuroscience insights into how the brain functions under stress.

Whether your goals are to better manage mental health and wellbeing or to take your performance to the next level  Adventure Neuropsychology can inspire and motivate the steps forward you need to take.


An Adventure Mindset  is key to coping with stress, and  thriving on challenge.

Learn how to develop an Adventurous Mindset and take charge of your mental health.

Sea therapy
BASE jumping pioneers

To get to the 'next level' of performance we can learn from  extreme sports practitioners what it takes to operate at the edge.  Learn how to strategically manage risk, overcome fear and focus on goals to achieve success!

Develop attentional focus and manage distraction under pressure.

Understanding how the brain 'works' under pressure, we can control it's resources and adapt to situational demands.  Cutting edge insights from neuroscience applied to regain control of drive and motivation, manage negative thinking and task-focus.  

Maximise the brain's potential.

Altered perspective
Extreme performance


Adventure Psychologist, motivational speaker, cognitive neuroscientist, Mountain Leader, and award winning photographer.  Dave Gallagher is the CognitvExplorer: helping people become more adventurous in thought, attitude and behaviour. Combining specialist research in the neuropsychology of extreme performance with a lifetime of experience in adventure pursuits activities, he promotes the lessons learnt from understanding how people can THRIVE IN EXTREME and CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENTS.

Dave's experience range from high altitude mountaineering to extreme cold Arctic SCUBA diving, sailing in wild seas with disadvantaged folks and working with pioneering extreme sports athletes.

Insights on the mindset required to PERFORM UNDER STRESS can benefit anyone struggling to cope with the demands of everyday life.  CognitvExplorer provides a coaching framework for enhanced mental health and wellbeing supported by cutting edge science and decades of prior experience understanding the needs and aspirations of consumers.

We all want to make the best of our lives, manage the demands on our time and fulfil our aspirations.

Immersing in the wild
Heading for further shores


  • Wild coaching

    • A day out in the wilderness can help refocus on our goals and aspirations.  Nature and a little adventure provides the perfect context to re-energise and explore tools for managing stress and enhancing performance. Develop an Adventure Mindset with CognitvExplorer in North Wales, the Lake District or Peak District.

  • Informative and Motivational Speaking

    • Inspirational stories of adventure including extreme sports, on overcoming adversity, with lessons on leadership and risk based decision making

    • ​How insights from adventure and extreme sports can help corporate organisations and individuals with respect to managing stress, optimising brain processes and motivating productive focus (enquire about extended workshops)

  • Consultancy

    • Science-based expertise (experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience methods) understanding how to measure performance under different contexts - from consumer behaviour to 'extreme' performers 


Dave Gallagher, CPsychol

Adventure Psychologist

Tel. 07772706807

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